What is tplinkrepeater.net?

Tplinkrepeater.net is a private domain name that is used to install a Tplink extender. You can also use www.tplinkextender.net to perform the tp link extender setup. You can also use an IP address for this. The default one is Sometimes a user may not able to access the Tplink extender by using the above mentioned domain name. We are mentioning here some of the reasons for not able to access the official domain name to setup the Tplink extender.

  • The devices you are using to access the internet are not directly connected to the Tplink extender. The devices can be your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
  • DNS cache is causing the problem. The devices are connected to the range extender but you have to clear the DNS cache.
  • By mistake, you have put the domain name http://tplinkrepeater.net into the search bar of the browser. The address bar is on the left side of the browser window and the search bar is on the right side of the browser.

If you are encountering any of the issues that are mentioned above then you can take help from our experts.

Tp Link Extender Setup

To expand the range or coverage area of an existing wireless network through web interface or web Graphical User Interface, follow the steps given below. The model for which we are explaining the steps is TL-WA850RE

  • Place your range extender beside the router and supply power to it by plugging it into an electrical outlet.
  • Take an Ethernet cable. Connect the extender and your device by using this Ethernet cable.
  • Open a web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer. And type tplinkrepeater.net in the URL bar of the browser window.
  • Window pop-ups in front of you asking for the username and password. By default, the username and password are admin. Make sure you have entered admin in lower case. Both are case sensitive.
  • Click on the Quick setup then next to start the setup process.
  • Select your region and click next. It will start searching for the available networks nearby you.
  • Choose the network name of your router that you want to extend. Click Next to proceed.
  • The screen asks you to enter the password for your router’s network. Enter the same in the given field and press next button with the help of mouse.


There are two options; you can set the name and password same as your main router or you can make it different. The benefit of having the same name and password is that if you are roaming in your home with your mobile phone then you do not have to switch from one network to another. It automatically switches from one network to another according to the network signal.

Click on the finish button to finish the process.

To apply these settings, your extender will reboot once.

The extender setup is complete. To verify whether the connection between the router and the extender is successfully established or not, see the status light on the extender. If it is solid then the connection is established successfully. You can also check it via applying an Ethernet cable from extender to your device. Open a browser and try to access something from the Internet. It shows you if the internet is working properly or not.

You can place the Tplink extender wherever you want after the successful connection establishment. We will now discuss the features of the Tplink extender.

Tplink Extender Features

  • Most of the Tplink extenders are reliable and small in size. Some of them have wall mounted feature and some of them do not have.
  • Tplink extender mode extends the wireless signal of your router to far corners of your home.
  • WPS push button allows easy setup for the extender.
  • Wired devices can be connected easily to the extender by using its Ethernet ports.
  • It gives you a Tether app to download. You can download it from app store or play store. This app is used to manage the extender remotely.
  • Night mode of the extender allows having internet access without the blinking of extender lights.
  • External antennas provide better speed. Hence, the extender provides better performance.
  • Multiple security encryptions make the extender more secure. The security provided by an extender is WPA/PSK, WPA2-PSK and 64/128/152 bit WEP.

Design and usage of TL-WA850RE

This Tplink extender model has one Ethernet port and that one is not the Gigabit Ethernet port. So, because of this, you can connect only one device to the extender through Ethernet cable. It can extend the range up to 75 feet and provides a speed of 300 Mbps. This is a dual band extender with wall mountable feature. You will see a circular LED on the front of the extender that attracts the customer. If we talk about the measurement of the extender then it measures 3.0 by 4.3 by 2.6 inches. This extender is good when you have to extend the range in a smaller area. It is a better choice for a single dead zone area. You will not get a headache while installing this Tplink range extender.


Question 1: How to reset Tplink extender to factory default settings?

Answer: You can do this by two methods. Log into your extender’s admin page, reset the extender by going to the extender’s system tools. Locate the reset hole on the back of the extender and press it for 10 seconds by using a pin and then release the hole. Both these methods are easy to perform but the first one cause some problem while you try to open the login page of the extender through tplinkrepeater.net. For these types of issues, we are having a support team which can help you in resolving your issue.

Question 2: You are having confusion that you can connect the extender to the router via Ethernet port or not?

Answer: First of all, it is not possible to make a connection between extender and the router via Ethernet port. Ethernet ports are available to connect external devices like TV, game console to the extender. The range extenders are meant to connect wirelessly to the router.

Question 3: Why does the speed decreases when we have a range extender installed at our home?

Answer: To understand this, you should have knowledge of how does a range extender works. A range extender takes the wireless signal coming from the router and then re-transmits it to the devices placed at the dead zone. Do not get confused between repeaters and extenders. Repeaters have the capability to amplify a signal before transmitting it further but a range extender does not amplify a signal. To know more about this or if you still have some confusion left regarding this, feel free to contact our team.

If you have any other issue with your extender from those are mentioned above then take help from our support team. Our team will guide you step by step in solving the issue you are facing.